June 2012 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Found part of last pre-weight loss swimsuit purchase: a size 3x black halter top. Last week’s swimsuit purchase was M (8-10).
  2. I could’ve taken a small in the black knit shorts; I almost “lost” the medium ones on an early morning beach walk.
  3. Planned to treat myself at our breakfast at the beach to — gasp — bacon, but once I took a bite, was surprised to find that I had largely lost my taste for it. So salty and the texture was a little off-putting.
  4. Someone I didn’t even think noticed said that he saw me the other day but didn’t recognize me. “You’ve lost a person,” he said. “Keep up the good work!”
  5. Overslept morning cardio. So tempted to just have a rest day, but something in me wouldn’t let me take it. Worked out that evening.
  6. My old Starbucks friends who I hadn’t seen in a while were so complimentary this morning. The one thing I remember someone saying is that I was but a mere shadow of my former self.
  7. A friend admired the way I carried my 30-lb. suitcase down the stairs, noting that when he met me, I didn’t take stairs.
  8. During the trip to Denver, I didn’t use one elevator, escalator or moving walkway — I did all stairs.
  9. Increased treadmill speed to four mph, which is fast for short-legged me.
  10. Jogged on the treadmill for three minutes.
  11. A clerk at DIA was the first to notice the picture on my current driver’s license is so 95 lbs. ago.
  12. A friend bragged on my health transformation while introducing me to his colleagues.
  13. I wore a baby doll top and wasn’t asked when I was due.
  14. Increased the # of four mph walking minutes on the treadmill.
  15. Back to the gym after two weeks away.
  16. At Take Action workshop one year later, so many positive comments on my weight loss.
  17. My size eight skirt was a little loose in the waist.
  18. Took all stairs in Asheville — no elevators.
  19. Splurged a little in Asheville, but still no fast or processed foods.
  20. Forgot my shorts, but wore some hideously large physical therapy shorts so I could get my cardio in. Would’ve been easy to skip, but made it work.
  21. Got my cooking on Sunday mojo back on, and it makes Monday (and the rest of the week) SOOO much easier.
  22. On a day I was feeling a  bit down, someone I didn’t know greeted me at City Hall with “Are you Mary Pat?” She said that Traci was just telling her about me and that she was glad to have someone who had done it to look to for motivation. That picked me up quite a bit.
  23. I couldn’t find unsweetened coconut, so I just bought a whole coconut and prepared it myself.
  24. I caught a peek of my calves in a glass door today and couldn’t believe they were mine. Like Traci said once, you can’t even tell they used to be fat! 🙂
  25. Sister said of a dress I recently wore,”If you can get away with it at 45, and you can, I say go for it.” LOVED it!
  26. Both Traci and Beth commented about how small I looked, which is especially nice since I’m up a couple of lbs.
  27. I have only had my standby Taco Soup once this week. Trying some great new recipes and really enjoying them.
  28. I have become a woman who can successfully cook three things at once, and I know that Gramma would be very proud.
  29. Working to get those veggies back in — starting with a green drink every weekday a.m.
  30. First Saturday gym workout in a while.



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