July 2015 Non-Scale Victories

This will be my first NSV listing since my March aneurysm, which my recovery from is perhaps one of my biggest non-scale victories. I’ve been scattered in recording these. Come August, I’ll have a full month list.

7. Woman at the DMV asked for my weight when I was renewing my license. She looked at my origial license, which showed my weight at 70 lbs. higher and asked in amazement how I did it. Nice reminder that even though I have gained some weight from my all-time low, that I’ve also maintained a 70 lb. los

24. Put my foot up on my car bumper to tie my shoe. Great change in balance.

25. Put pants on without having to sit down. Another balance progression.

27. Set a new post-aneurysm step all-time high, 7600+.

28. Paid off a store credit card.

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