July 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. When the City’s updated building security locked me out of the stairways at City Hall and Washington Square, I requested (and received) special access so that I could by-pass the elevator and take the stairs.
  2. Fastened my bra one more notch over this a.m
  3. Packed a lunch for FEMA class today; the only option in Pine Ridge is fast food.
  4. Trained in the afternoon since I had to be in Pine Ridge so early. It was a trainer I haven’t worked with, and it was a really good workout.
  5. The gym was closed, but I did a workout at our local park instead
  6. Really didn’t want anything healthy we had at the house, but had it anyway. Deflected a major craving for Village Idiot pizza.
  7. Someone at work told me that I looked like I was losing weight.
  8. Wore shorts to the gym and didn’t get laughed out of the place.
  9. Lately, if I oversleep, I make up the workout that night instead of just adding another rest day. And I’m rather enjoying some of the evening workouts.
  10. Accidentally pulled out some black pants that had gotten too tight, but they fit well enough to wear
  11. My old “stand-by” black pants are starting to get looser, even right out of the dryer
  12. Completed a full work week of exercising every day – three days cardio, two days training.
  13. Comfortably wore a pair of shorts that I’d put away in April because they were too tight.
  14. An evening event was canceled, but I was able to work out instead thanks to having my gym bag in the car.
  15. My “Sisters” ring is getting loose.
  16. Took advantage of a free kayak trip tonight, something I would’ve never done before I lost weight.
  17. I wasn’t even sore after last night’s one hour kayak trip.
  18. I’m back into a smaller pair of jeans. They’re a little tight, but I’m back in them!
  19. Worked out outside at the park – walked laps, did three sets of exercises, even jogged one lap
  20. 10,000 steps
  21. Kicked up treadmill to 3.5 mph with no hip pain, even jogged at 4 mph for one minute
  22. Comfortably wore a dress that had gotten a tad tight
  23. Considered skipping after work cardio because I had so much to do, but actually wanted to go
  24. 10,000 steps
  25. My regular Walgreen’s cashier said that it looked like I was losing weight again
  26. Worked out every weekday this week, including two training sessions
  27. Did battle rope slams for the first time this week
  28. 12,748 steps
  29. 13,475 steps
  30. Made some yummy and clean protein bars
  31. Morning work out in the conference hotel gym

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