July 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Had nausea and dizziness on and off all day, but didn’t use it as an excuse to drink Coke and eat saltines. Felt unable to exercise, but otherwise, ate clean and healthy.
  2. Didn’t have a perfect day by any means, but didn’t let imperfect become disaster. I ate a few too many calories, albeit healthy ones, but didn’t give in to the “now that I blew it, I may as well really blow it” mindset.
  3. I can’t remember the last time I used an Equal or Sweet n Low.
  4. Given a lot of choices in front of me, I not only chose water, but I wanted water.
  5. Cleaned out and majorly reorganized our pantry. Now intimately know what we have, what we need and what I need to use.
  6. Stopped at Chick-Fil-A with Sister for a pre-grocery shopping diet lemonade. She decided to eat. I strongly considered a little something, but chose not to indulge.
  7. Cooked healthy stuff all morning for the week ahead, including two casseroles, 64 Greek meatballs, eight mini-pizzas.
  8. Added spinach to my mini-pizzas, voluntarily.
  9. Realized that I was burning the candle at too many ends and asked for a reprieve long enough to catch up and even get a little ahead.
  10. Overslept a  bit, but got up and worked out anyway. And you know what? I was there in plenty of time to do cardio and train.
  11. Starting using my Fitbit again today, and what a difference it makes motivation-wise.
  12. Completed a training session that I didn’t think I would be able to complete.
  13. 13,000+ steps
  14. Prepared for deluge of food at work shower by eating healthy lunch beforehand. Did allow myself a small piece of cake, but resisted the “all or nothing” meltdown.
  15. Had a lunch meeting planned, but brought a lunch just in case. And sure enough, the lunch meeting was rescheduled, and I was prepared.
  16. Completed one full week of being back on My Fitness Pal.
  17. Despite how large I feel, a 14w dress totally swallowed me.
  18. Found a bathing suit that not only works, but looks great.
  19. Worked out although I hadn’t planned on it.
  20. Kicked up the ATM a notch or two, voluntarily.
  21. Ordered grilled salmon and green beans instead of the sesame chicken I considered.
  22. There is ice cream in the freezer that I have not yet touched. (That is a miracle these days!)
  23. Passed on mini Snickers.
  24. Felt absolutely fabulous after this a.m.’s strength training.
  25. Missed morning cardio and MADE myself get it in after work, even though I had 99 reasons not to.
  26. Overslept this a.m., but made it up to the gym for training instead of rolling over and blowing it off
  27. Took four flights of stairs up to Finance, even though I was wearing “cruel shoes
  28. Did you know that shins sweat? Mine were during this week’s training session – while I was doing leg presses.
  29. Something is happening. My legs constantly feel like I’ve just walked up 99 flights of stairs.
  30. Made it to morning cardio!
  31. 12,000+ steps

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