July 2012 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Overcame inertia, excessive heat and bad storm to get in first Sunday gym workout in while
  2. Two — count them, TWO — servings of veggies by 10 a.m.
  3. After attending her first meeting with thee nutrition counselor, Sister said that she had new respect for what I had been able to do, especially on my own. She was also VERY appreciative at how I have shared what I cook with her and said that it made it easier for her to be able to start transitioning to clean eating.
  4. Walked 4 mph for 30 minutes, even jogged 1/2 a mile.
  5. Know that the $6.99 per lb. that the Pig was charging for cherries was absurd this far into the cherry season and went to Publix and saved $4.50 per lb. Saving the money was good, but the non-scale victory is me knowing that cherries are in season. I never knew thing like that about fruits and vegetables before my transition to healthy eating.
  6. Still shocked when size 10 anything fits me, like the shorts I bought at Oops today.
  7. Have overcome the cooking rut I was in for a while and have tried several new recipes this week; also have several new ones to try this week.
  8. Wore a pair of pants that were a little too tight to wear last summer when I bought them.
  9. Only second time ever of doing one hour on elliptical
  10. Instead of blowing it on dark chocolate covered almonds, which I can’t seem to have limited portions of, I shared them with the office (getting them out of mine!)
  11. Inner thighs noticeably leaner
  12. I can see my shin bones!
  13. 3.5 mph is the new normal on the treadmill, up from 3
  14. I did the rope, I did the rope! It killed me, but I did the rope!
  15. So honored and touched by the many sweet comments I received on my RCPL before and after photo contest entry (and did I mention that I won, too?)
  16. After four sick days, tired of ice cream (only thing I can swallow) and not working out.
  17. Someone saw me today and commented on my “little red dress.”
  18. Melvin. A City employee with diabetes and high blood pressure who 1) didn’t recognize me until I showed him a “fat” picture (he works in the field and is rarely in the office)…
  19. …and 2) asked me to help him as he tries to eat healthier.
  20. Now that  they have started at Doctors Wellness Center, both Sister and Mom have commended me for the hard work I’ve done. Neither realized how much the change to healthier eating consumes your life at the beginning.
  21. OK, it’s beyond a certain pair of pants. My tush is actually shaping up! Makes me hate those squats less.
  22. I have taken up a new “power food,” and a green one at that: green tea.
  23. I’ve started drinking green smoothies again most mornings
  24. Three meatless days in a row this week!
  25. I bent a few healthy rules while I was sick, including lots of ice cream for a sore throat, but didn’t go overboard or let it trip me up.
  26. Despite a small weight gain, can still wear my size 10p jeans.
  27. On what was originally scheduled as a rest day, did an hour of cardio.
  28. Sister said that my legs were getting bony, referring to my shins. I don’t take compliments (nor the backhanded ones) from Sister lightly as they are few, far between and very sincere. (Let’s just sat that one of the reasons she was put on this Earth to keep me grounded, LOL!)
  29. Sister looked at my arms and said,”Look at those muscles. That’s inspiring.”
  30. Have mastered, or at least gotten a lot better at, getting on the upside down Bosu ball for squats.
  31. Finally did the fitness ropes today! (Not many women do them at the gym; glad to now be one of the few!)
2 comments to “July 2012 Non-Scale Victories”
  1. That is an impressive list of NSVs… Those compliments from others on your changes in your body must leave you flush with pride.

    I need to remember to stop and enjoy NSVs, they truly are accomplishments to be enjoyed and not glossed over.

    • Especially the one from Sister! LOL! You do need to remember the NSVs. They’ve been a Godsend for me, especially weeks when the scale doesn’t move! Thanks for your comments. Hope you have a good rest of the week.

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