January Non-Scale Victories

  1. Gym closed, but walked the dog to get that 30 minutes of cardio in
  2. Achieved new daily goal of consuming less than 1500 mgs of sodium each day (and it took some maneuvering)
  3. NOT being the new gal at the gym the first week in January
  4. Ate half a cup of leafy greens every day for a week
  5. Someone I worked with many years came by the City today and didn’t know who I was when I spoke. (He retired before I started losing weight.)
  6. Can pull off my size 12 jeans w/o unzipping them
  7. New sports bra = size M — and it fits!
  8. Someone who sees me every day told me that I looked like I was losing more weight.
  9. Actually enjoyed the veggie medley I made!
  10. This: http://bit.ly/yDazLG
  11. Packed my lunch to take to APWA retreat instead of ordering from Panera. (Even the salads there are so high in sodium!)
  12. After 16 months of training, I finally ran the ladder.
  13. I just love jeans Friday now that I have some fab jeans!
  14. One of my “skinny” jackets is getting loose
  15. Fought an intense desire to skip cardio today to not only go to the gym, but to do Traci’s elliptical challenge.
  16. Did 45 minutes on the elliptical — a new high
  17. Did 46 minutes tonight. There was sweat in places that haven’t sweat before.
  18. REALLY enjoyed this evening’s cardio.
  19. I noticed a difference in my abs this a.m. Something happening. Definition? Not sure. But a real change.
  20. Used kettlebells for the first time.
  21. People I’ve known for years didn’t recognize me at the polls.
  22. Noticing big changes in my quads.
  23. Made a salad at the Coull’s lunch for Sister Paula and didn’t hate it.
  24. Several people have told me I look  like I’m losing weight.
  25. Went to Talbot’s for the first time since losing weight and shopped in the petite section. Still surreal being there, much less buying a petite medium sweater.
  26. Wore hipster panties today! That’s a big non-scale victory!
  27. Coordinated a visit to a local, vegan restaurant for Keith, Julia and I
  28. Arranged to have groceries delivered to my hotel room in Kansas City so I could continue to eat well while away.
  29. Someone at our APWA meeting drew cartoons of each of us; mine included a carrot and tomato
  30. Made soup with cabbage in it (next NSV will be when I actually eat it!)
  31. Wore an above the knee dress, and two people randomly told me that my legs looked great.

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