January 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Pulled myself up from a New Year’s Day wellness nap to get in a strong 45-minute walk.
  2. Two people in one day told me they were inspired by my fitness journey.
  3. Hello, hip bones! I’ve missed you!
  4. Had several errands to run on Main Street, so I parked at the end of the street and walked to each place. As a result, added several thousand steps to the day.
  5. Two t-shirt victories in one day. First, I wore a fave workout t-shirt that has been too snug the past year. Second, I bought one of the new DWC t-shirts and got into a size smaller than usual.
  6. My favorite workout pants, which were getting a bit too snug in the summer, are now a little loose.
  7. Trained myself today (with a plan Jarrett left, of course).
  8. Made a new recipe that contained THREE CUPS of broccoli, and actually LIKED it.
  9. Ate my healthy vegetarian lunch in staff meeting instead of pizza.
  10. Spoke up during a potentially confrontational situation at work today instead of remaining quiet or waiting for someone else to speak up. Been working on this for a while; it’s getting easier.
  11. Longest workout to date: two hours. Included warm up, strength training, cardio and stretching.
  12. Several people have noticed my weight loss this week.
  13. I did a workout I didn’t think I could do.
  14. Noticed in the mirror that my “hip haunches” are going away.
  15. Walked to the gym and back, did the 5k program on the AMT.
  16. Starting to be able to see many positive changes in the mirror.
  17. Tried a new recipe today; also did some cooking for the week ahead.
  18. Tried another new recipe – and a new kitchen appliance, my new waffle iron!
  19. 10,000 +steps the last 11 days.
  20. Ate lunch sans my smart phone.
  21. Brought my own lunch and took regular step breaks during all day workshop.
  22. Two people at the gym in the last two days asked if I worked out seven days a week because I was always there.
  23. Tried, tried, tried to take a rest day, but really wanted to workout instead.
  24. My shoes and bras are all starting to get loose. (The shoes are a non-scale victory, but the bras, I’m not so sure about! LOL.)
  25. Averaging 12,000 steps per day these days.
  26. Sister told me that my legs were looking good. She is conservative with compliments, so when you get one, it is quite sincere.
  27. I can know take off my “skinny jeans,” which I was just able to start wearing again, without having to unzip or unbutton them.
  28. Saturday steps: Parked at City Hall, walked to Soda City, continued to the State House, where I walked for 45 minutes. From there, walked to lunch and hair appointment. 10,000+ steps before hair appointment.
  29. Tried a new and delish recipe: boiled peanut hummus!
  30. Wearing a favorite dress shirt today that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year!
  31. Doing better at resisting random candy that shows up at the office. I’m not against a treat, but preferably one that I plan and better than run-of-the-mill candy.


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