January 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. No “already blown it” or “I’ll just start over tomorrow” slip ups in over a week.
  2. Paid off my Lowe’s credit card!
  3. Ate a couple of mini Reese’s PNB cups without totally pigging out the rest of the day
  4. Accidentally bought diced tomatoes instead of petite diced tomatoes, but used them anyway. May not seem like a big deal, but it is for me. I like my veggies in small, small bites.
  5. First green smoothie for the first time in quite a while.
  6. Two servings of green veggies for the first time in a while.
  7. Cooked dried beans in the crock pot. Less expensive and SOOOO much tastier!
  8. First day back at the gym since 12/20.
  9. Did evening cardio since I overslept this a.m.
  10. Did some pre-cooking prep tonight.
  11. Cooked something new with beans today.
  12. Cooked all day, including several new recipes.
  13. Made it to my first Monday a.m. strength training of 2014. (Monday mornings are always tough, but especially after the holidays.)
  14. Chose low-salt nuts over a processed energy bar for an afternoon snack.
  15. Only had one diet drink today, and it was one of those “mini” cans.
  16. Threw away some ice cream that was tempting me
  17. Wearing a size smaller ring size today, not necessarily from weight loss, but eating cleaner has reduced water retention.
  18. Set up automatic payments to “house account” and personal savings account today.
  19. Set up automatic payments for a bill I always seem to forget about.
  20. Started back on MyFitnessPal. It is much easier than writing it or even using my iPhone data base. I just need to be mindful not to get too caught up in the calories.
  21. Took time to enjoy a movie with Mom and Beth; I decided that making soup could wait one more day. I’m really trying to work on 1) getting out more, and 2) giving myself more space in terms of my stringent to do list. A majority of stresses and deadlines are self-imposed; I can control them.
  22. This
  23. Cooked and prepped meals to take to the SC Environmental Justice Forum in Georgetown.
  24. Took my meals and snacks to the Forum, where I was never tempted to stray for conference food.
  25. Because it was 12 degrees, nearly everyone at the forum drove from the cabin to the conference center, an easy distance that we all usually walk. Knowing that I would be sitting most of the day, driving the rest, I walked over.
  26. Also walked outside during our longer breaks (and thank goodness it was warmer).
  27. My kale chips caused quite a stir at the Forum, and many people tried them.
  28. Instigated a group yoga class for our next Forum in March.
  29. Missed morning workout due to headache, but got up and made soup so I wouldn’t have an excuse not to do evening cardio. I made it to evening cardio AND had soup for dinner.
  30. Got a group together to go to a benefit dinner at a healthy restaurant.
  31. That healthy restaurant was one that I’d never been to, but turned out loving! Good to get out of my box and have a new place to eat!

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