January 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Didn’t have cold pizza for breakfast even though it was available
  2. Made mixed veggies after morning cardio, packed some for lunch
  3. By-passed half price Christmas candy at Walgreen’s
  4. At my annual visit, my ob/gyn asked if I’d had weight loss surgery. (It was GREAT to tell him that I’d lost the weight the RIGHT way, changing my eating habits and working out.)
  5. By-passed a quick and easy lunch at Chick-Fil-A, instead opting for my brown bag back at the office
  6. Did cardio after work even though I was desperately tempted not to do so. (Thanks Beth and Rob for your encouragement!)
  7. SERIOUSLY fought craving for cupcakes, even put them back when they found their way into my buggy
  8. For the first Sunday in a while, cooked all day for the week ahead. Made veggie mix, slow cooker chicken, clean cranberry sauce, overnight oats. Prepped for tomorrow’s pizza; planned for tomorrow’s “Meatless Monday.”
  9. Running late, but still took the stairs! Figured an extra minute or two wouldn’t hurt, especially when it involved exercise!
  10. Moved up to the blue band for “gun show” exercises at the gym.
  11. 10k steps and 96 oz. of water by 10 a.m.
  12. Chose water over unsweetened tea at lunch
  13. Tried a new green smoothie recipe (and loved it)
  14. Because I was afraid I would be tempted at an event at Cromer’s – with free popcorn – I took a banana and water, then bought unsalted roasted peanuts when I got there. Had a healthy, satisfying snack while paying tribute to our friend.
  15. Called ahead to the hotel in Chicago to request an in-room mini ‘fridge and microwave; found place to order groceries online, now making list.
  16. Moved up to the blue band for the gun show!
  17. Did an hour on the treadmill in preparation for February 9 5K.
  18. Prepared my meals while in Chicago.
  19. Tried a new quinoa recipe, one that included onions and peppers.
  20. Skipped Tedx to enjoy a delicious day of working out, cooking and relaxing.
  21. Danny added dead lifts to my training.
  22. Caught a glimpse of a slightly thinner me in the mirror today; my comeback has begun!
  23. My hip bones are back!
  24. My face looking a little thinner. (It MAY be that my hair is growing longer, but I’ll count it as a NSV anyhow!)
  25. Have not had nor been tempted by sweets in a week.
  26. Had a little ice cream at Mom’s without 1) having more; and 2) buying more when I went to the grocery store after dinner.
  27. First Sunday workout in forever
  28. 40 minutes on the AMT, also went up a level
  29. Comfortably wore my size 12p grey pants today, first time in since a month ago when they became a little too snug
  30. My NY shirt is getting a little looser
  31. I slipped a little, but didn’t fall. Overindulged, but didn’t lose control.

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