It’s Back, Just as Quickly as I Lost It

mojoBack in April, I lost my mojo. April 28, to be exact. I was on a roll, training for my first running 5k. I was eating perfectly clean, working out every day and motivated. I met up with a group for a practice 5k, and about three-quarters of the way through, POP, there went my mojo. Actually, it was my hip – what turned out to be a strain of the gluteus minimus and medius – but the injury and recovery period, and a few other odd incidents, just drained my enthusiasm, drive and motivation.

The past three months have been tough. I’ve struggled to get up for my early workouts, and when I did get there, I dragged. While I didn’t fall too far from the clean eating road, but I did hit a pothole or two. My sleep schedule hit the skids, and I’ve been lucky to get a scant five hours. Roll all of those variables together, and you get a big knotted ball of BLECH!

Cue to this morning. I hit snooze three times, dressed for my workout and laid back down for five minutes. I made it to the gym late, but I had time for training. Danny started me on the rope, and he told me to give it “holy fury,” I think. I looked over at Warren and grumbled that I didn’t have any holy fury in me this morning. Next was the sled. I strapped the belt on my waist and dragged out the sled.  One lap down, I grumbled and slowly dragged on.

Halfway through the second lap, something happened; it was almost electric. I straightened up, looked ahead and moved that sled with a kick in my step. Back upstairs, Danny assigned me beastmoto weighted squats, and I smiled, “Eight pounds? I can do twenty!” And while today’s training wasn’t necessarily an easier one, I had my spunk back!

Who knows what’s going on. Perhaps it’s just cyclical. Or maybe it’s the visions of my upcoming beach trip dancing in my head. Maybe my subconscious has been processing stuff at night. I can’t really explain what happened dragging that sled, but it appears to be sticking. When I got home from the gym, I made my first green smoothie in a while. I did squats and push ups while waiting for my lunch to heat. I stood a little straighter and smiled a little bigger all day. Will it last? Yep, I got this!

Twenty extra lbs., fair warning. Your days are numbered!




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