Insanity, Coffee and Artificial Sweeteners

I have a new definition for insanity. Passing up workshop coffee because there is no soy milk, which is healthier than that fake creamer stuff, walking downstairs to buy coffee with soy milk, then promptly adding artificial sweeteners to it.

Perhaps it’s time to give up artificial sweeteners. When I started eating clean a year ago, I asked my nutrition counselor, Traci, about giving them up. While she is not an advocate of artificial sweeteners and would have preferred that I not use them, she said that the health benefits of me losing weight far outweighed the risks associated with a few artificial sweeteners. But now that I’ve lost nearly 85 lbs., maybe it’s time.

Now that I’ve transitioned to clean eating, I don’t use artificial sweeteners that much, but do depend on them for my morning coffee. I add one Equal, one Sweet n Low. And while I can pass on soy milk or soy creamer, I can’t pass on the sweeteners. I’ve tried Stevia – too bitter – and Splenda, which doesn’t come close to the sweetness of my pink and blue combo.

The way I see it, I have three options:

  1. Drink coffee without sweetener.
  2. Find a better, healthier sweetener option.
  3. Give up coffee altogether. (Not the best option!)

Lean Green readers, I need your help! Have you given up artificial sweeteners, and if so, what are you using now? Do you have a fave healthy sweetener? Did you do it cold turkey or transition? Or have you decided that artificial sweeteners will be one of your vices? Please share your experiences with me!

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  1. I’m the last question…..I have decided that artificial sweeteners – SPLENDA in my case – will just be one of my vices. And I’m okay with that! 🙂

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