I’m Back!

I’m back home from four days in Washington, DC where I made two presentations at the ICLEI Local Action Summit. I was worried about how things were going to go with my workout and new healthy eating, but it went great:

  • I got up early every day and walked on the treadmill in the hotel gym for at least 30 minutes.
  • I got lots of extra exercise in from walking around DC.
  • I bought some new workout shoes.
  • The day I arrived, I walked to a local market and bought some healthy foods to have in the room. That was a huge help!
  • I did room service one morning so I could get some Cheerios, and I ended up with what must’ve been the hugest bowl of them I’d ever seem. Measured out my one cup and shared the rest with Sister.
  • I tried lots of new healthy foods and even went meatless one day!
  • I found a dish that I really liked and recreated it this evening when I returned home.
  • I went to a baseball game and DIDN’T get a hot dog.

If I can face this challenge, I think I can do just about anything here back at home! Bring on the new week!

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