I Teared Up in the Produce Aisle Today

Today was my first post-assessment with the nutritionist.

Good news, according to her?

I did great at planning my meals and snacked.
I started using the kitchen.
I tried some new things, like Bibb lettuce and collards.
I didn’t eat out.

Bad news?
I didn’t eat enough.
I’ve got to get more veggies in, especially green leafy ones.
I can only have 1/2 cup of grains at any one meal. (Missed that rule last week!)

She suggested a book called “How to Cheat on Your Man.” The rest of the title is “In the Kitchen. Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty Meals Any Guy Will Love. She suggested food processing veggies and adding them to foods, say turkey meatloaf or spaghetti sauce. And that is one of the goals she set for me for the coming week.

Off to Publix I went, and got salmon, chicken, ground turkey and really lean ground beef. Then I went to the produce section. I picked up a few fruits, and then made my way to the leafy greens section. I studied them all for a while. And as I selected some packaged lettuce, little tears filled my eyes. While this is a great thing, and my nutritionist is making me do something Mom should’ve done thirty-something years ago, it is still an unpleasant change.

Back to the book. I called Books-A-Million to see if they had it. It was not only on the sale rack, it was an autographed copy. Since I collect autographed books, I considered it kismet, and it somewhat made up for having to buy lettuce!

I did ask her about the headaches and nausea. She suspected the headaches were coming from my drastic cutback of diet soda. And the nausea could’ve been from preservatives in the refried beans I bought. She said that I should be making my own refried beans!

On a related note, I tried collards today at the CSCV Green Tie luncheon. It was a small portion, and I ate them with my shrimp, but it was a big step, nonetheless.

So, on to Week Two…

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