I Have Lachanophobia

It’s a fear of vegetables! LOL!

Seriously, one of my goals this week – per Traci – is to try a new vegetable. Today is Friday, so I only have a few days. And I’m getting anxious about it.

I went to Publix and strolled through the produce aisle. I saw a few possibilities: orange cauliflower, asparagus (though I did taste in DC), yuca (looks like a pain to peel), mini cucumbers and brussel sprouts. Then this evening I did a web search for some recipes with vegetables. The least offensive was a chicken asparagus pasta.

Maybe I’ll go to Fresh Market or Earth Fare tomorrow to see what I can find. Or better yet, find a restaurant where I can taste something new without having to cook it. Columbia folks, any suggestions on restaurants where I might be able to taste a new vegetable?

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