I Could Never Do That

I LOVE this blog post from Emily Boller. I’m not as hard core on the Eat to Live plan as she is, but what I’m doing is based on that very book.

I hear “I could never do that” in various forms throughout the course of a week, most recently like this:

  • I can’t do what you are doing.
  • I could never give up ______ (insert variety of foods here).
  • I will never eat something I don’t like.

The blog post provides some great answers for these folks, and it also made me consider my own “I could never list:”

  • I could never consider giving up years on my life because I couldn’t control my cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • I could never miss out on walking on the beach or enjoying something I love to do because my joints hurt too much from carrying extra weight.
  • I could never not walk my dog because I got winded after walking only a few steps.
  • I could never ask for an airplane seat belt extender because I was too big for the standard seat belt.
  • I could never die on an operating table getting a gastric bypass because I couldn’t lose weight on my own.
  • I could never go back to having migraines on a regular basis because of all of the preservatives and such in processed foods.

Check out the post. Good stuff!


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