I Ate a Brussels Sprout and I Liked It

Baby Brussels sprouts. Those cute little mini cabbage looking things. Mom had some at dinner, and I ate four of them. And kinda liked them. They tasted a little like green peas, which I really like. I actually ate FOUR of them.

And I’ve always wondered about the name. Here’s what I found: Brussels Sprouts were named after the capital of Belgium where it is thought that they were first cultivated. They are also one of the few vegetables to have originated in northern Europe. They were first introduced to France and England in the nineteenth century where they continue to be a popular food. French settlers who settled in Louisiana introduced them to America.

So the last goal of the week is to make a bean dip from one of four recipes that Traci gave me. I think I will have to do that tomorrow. Tomorrow is a 4:30 a.m. day – I have to get to the gym early to get one of the good bikes in time to do my 30 minutes before my 5:30 a.m. appointment with Daniel the Trainer.

I didn’t get to the bean dip, but I did make two types of soup for the week ahead: taco soup and black bean soup. I also made plans for “Meatless Monday” – I’m actually going to try the tofu dish again. (Fingers crossed!)

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