How You Can Be Younger on Your Next Birthday

When it comes to age, who wouldn’t like to turn back the clock?

I just came across Real Age, a free quick scientific calculation of how young or old your body thinks you really are. I took the online test, and it turns out that my “real age” is 43.6, which is 2.8 years younger than my age.

Between now and my birthday in September, I’m going to incorporate some strategies they recommend and see if I can reduce my real age to 35. These strategies include:

Shedding extra weight. I’m in the healthy range, but my BMI is above ideal. I’m working on this; I’m already down five lbs. from January. I’m hoping for another 15-20 by September to be at my “happy weight.”

Taking a daily aspirin. I sometimes do this, but not on a regular basis. I’m going to add this to my daily regimen starting today.

Eating more veggies. I’ve DRASTICALLY improved in this area, but still don’t always get five servings a day.

Boosting my cardio. This surprised me because I do work out regularly. They recommend up to three and a half hours of cardio a week; on a good week, I get two and a half hours. I could increase my cardio by adding 15 minutes on non-training weekdays and adding 30 minutes on one weekend day.

So, if you’d like to celebrate YOUR next birthday a few years younger, take the Real Age assessment today and incorporate some of the recommendations they provide. The same day, add a reminder to your calendar to take the assessment again on your birthday.

Did you take the Real Age assessment? Were you surprised – positively or negatively – by your real age? Did the assessment motivate you to incorporate any changes to your lifestyle? Have you committed to taking the assessment again on your birthday?


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