Hate to Cook?

I used to hate to cook, too. My “cooking” pretty much consisted of boxed mac and cheese, Hamburger Helper, and every once in a while, I’d try chili or soup. Enter Doctors Wellness Center and my nutritionist, Traci, as well as a new way of life.

The early days were especially tough. My pantry was bare – I was at the grocery store four or five times a week. My kitchen lacked even the most basic tools, no good pots, decent knives, handy little gadgets. It seems like every week I was making another major purchase for the kitchen. In addition to having all of that stacked against me, I just barely knew how to boil water, much less chop, cut, dice and puree.

Things are much better now; it’s amazing how far I’ve come. And as I’ve acquired the right tools, learned by doing and gotten some kitchen experience under my belt, I find that I don’t hate to cook anymore. (I don’t always have enough time to cook as much as I need to, but that’s another issue I’m working on!)

How I wish I had seen this post from Summer Tomato back then! It gives 10 reasons people hate to cook and what they can do about it. Check it out! Whether you hate to cook or just need some encouragement, this will be a great resource for you!

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