Going to Pawley’s Island in my Mind

I’ve mentioned that early in my hospitalization I thought I was in a lot of different places, but did I tell you about the beach trip I planned? (I had a great time in between unconsciousness and waking.)

When Beth mentioned there was a GoFund Me account created for me, I was still out of it enough not to think about the medical bills. There in the hospital bed, half out of my mind, I COCAR-RESD-1407471-1decided to use the money to rent a huge house at Pawley’s. Not one of those “arrogantly shabby” places, which I love, but one of those huge audacious homes that I always gawk over. (At some point, I also considered renting the entire Litchfield Inn for our big Easter weekend; I was afraid a house wouldn’t have enough room.)

The planning was so real in my mind. IĀ  thought about contacting Shop Tart to get her advice on house rentals, and I think I mentioned it to one of my male nurses, who probably hears all kinds of foolishness from patients. I keep meaning to check sent messages to see if I actually contacted Anne Wolfe Postic; it was that real.

I went so far as to do a guest list, which included a few of my doctors and their families, friends and family. I wanted to do it on Easter weekend, which I spent in the hospital, and decided we could do a big potluck of everyone’s favorite dishes. I wanted everyone to bring their fave Easter candy so we could do an basket for everyone.

I was also going to make it a fitness weekend. I was going to recruit F3 enthusiast Tim Kelly and my Doctors Wellness Center folks to create fun morning workouts. (Little did I think I couldn’t even stand at the time, much less walk or workout!) I also asked my boss and Julie Smith Turner to organize a shark tooth contest.

Obviously, I was totally out of it. The GoFund me account has really helped with the bills, and I can’t imagine not thinking I would have them. But it was fun to think about. And last week at Pawley’s, I kept having flashbacks, thus this post.


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