Going It Alone…Only Temporarily for Now

Today is Wednesday, and there was no meeting with Traci. The week after assessment is usually “on your own.” You see Traci the next week, but you leave assessment with no goals for the week; you don’t even have to turn in a food log the following week. But today,  Traci is out of town. I won’t formally see her again until Wednesday, August 31.

I’m still logging my food, even though I won’t have to turn it in. And while I don’t have specific goals to meet, I know what I need to do. If I’ve been a day or so without greens, I know it’s time. I guess this is good practice for going it alone for real. A good “test,” if you will. And I’m doing fine. Even down a bit to 151.2 lbs. this a.m.

I’ve decided to do one last twelve weeks in the program. I’d decided to just pay for training twice a week, but it turns out that is $30 more expensive than the 12-week program. I figure one last twelve weeks with Traci can only help cement my lifestyle changes. My boss will tease me – he says that I already know what to do and that I need to do it on my own – but different strokes for different folks, right?!

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