Going Green for the Health of It

After hearing about the many health benefits of green tea, I recently took the plunge and ordered an unsweetened iced green tea at Starbucks. WOW, it was great, and now I’m hooked!

Starbucks uses Tazo Zen Green Tea, which is blended with lemongrass and spearmint. Had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have tried it, but it is a fabulous, very refreshing combination.

After having my first few at Starbucks, I decided that I needed an easier, more economical way to enjoy these. On Google, I found out how Starbucks makes their iced green tea and followed suit. Turns out they use the tea bags to make a concentrate and shake the it with water and ice when they make it. I love the idea of using the concentrate; even though I have to mix it every time I want some, I find that I’m not having to make the tea very often.

I’m not much of a hot tea drinker, but I just saw Tazo Zen k-cups on Amazon. They don’t have sugar like some of the k-cup teas, so I might have to try them.

Need a refresher on the benefits of green tea? Click here to read 10 Life-Sustaining Reasons to Drink Green Tea. Know that it’s good for you, but also that it’s deliciously refreshing!


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