“Give a Girl the Right Shoes and She Can Conquer the World!”

After much research, discussion and comparison shopping, I finally got my Nike Free TR for strength training. Today, I wore them for the first time, and I love them.

Daniel had recommended such a shoe for strength training because the flat bottoms mimic barefoot training, which improves foot strength, balance, agility and range of motion.  I wasn’t sure how much different strength training would be with these shoes, but I did notice a big difference, especially with my squats. I’ve struggled to get my squats just right for a while, and today, I finally hit the mark.

I’ll only wear these shoes for strength training; they don’t have enough support for shopping, dog walking and other every day uses…

Lest you think I’m becoming too much of a jock, I spent days and went many places to find just the right color combination! I love the color – they are happy shoes!

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