Football is a Lot Like a Romance

As a longtime Gamecock fan, I’ve often compared Gamecock football to romance. You don’t have to be a Gamecock  to understand this; I imagine a lot of teams elicit a similar response. Hear me out…

The start of football season is like a new boyfriend: he’s cute, he’s sweet and at this stage, he’s perfect. The courting is exciting, and you are hopeful = preseason polls look good. Could he be the one = an SEC and/or national championship.

The first losses or rough games are similar to said boyfriend saying or doing something stupid. He’s still cute, but you’re beginning to think that he’s not quite perfect. But like that first football loss, you chalk it up to a bad day or a misunderstanding. You don’t want to be cynical – you’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – but reality is starting to set in.

By the end of the season, perhaps sooner, both said boyfriend and the team turns out to be just like the others. Was it really just a few months ago that he could do no wrong? Was it really just three months ago that the polls looked so good? It was fun while it lasted, but nothing to write home about. By the end of the relationship, ahem, season, you’re emotionally spent and swear off the game.

Then come springtime, you go to the Spring Game and get that twinkle in your eye again. And the new guy? He could be the one…

And so it goes.

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