Food Foes?

I’m lucky to have a great support system cheering me on in my efforts to be healthier. Online and in person, so many people are offering compliments, recipes and overall support, and it’s wonderful.

That being said, I’m also dealing with a couple of people who – whether they mean to or not – are less than encouraging and sometimes downright frustrating.

I’m hearing things like “You not going to be much fun anymore” and “But can  you really eat like this forever?” These people are near and dear to my heart, but their comments – no matter how well-intentioned – don’t help.

Will I go the rest of my life without a french fry? Probably not. But I did today, and I can tomorrow. And it’s paying off!

Am I really not as much fun? Granted, I don’t go out to eat much anymore, and when I do, it’s not for fast food or rich desserts, but is that really what makes me fun?

I am getting healthy the right way: eating healthy foods and exercising.  I’m trying new foods,learning how to cook and cutting out processed foods. I’m learning about healthy portions. When I have a strong craving for something, I have a small taste and move on.

I’m not getting HGC shots and cutting back drastically on calories. I’m not going under the knife or skipping meals. I’m not constantly harping on others about their food choices; I’m just making better ones myself.

So what’s with the criticism and questioning? And why am I let it bothering me?

Anyone ever dealt with this, either with diet/exercise or another lifestyle change? How did you deal with it?

  1. MP-You are a great person no matter how much you weigh. I think you are so fun. I know you make my day brighter everyday! I am encouraged by your success. I am happy for you and I think you look GREAT! I am so movtivated to be healthier and I thank you for that!

  2. oh yes! i am a health nut who works with a LOT of people who think, for example, that olestra potato chips dipped in fat free sour cream mixed with powdered dip mix, and processed meat slices on white bread, washed down with diet soda is a normal lunch. well, that, or hudson’s smokehouse. i get nonstop grief from them. now that i am injured, i’m getting teased that it’s because i exercise too much and don’t eat meat.

    i let it get to me too much too, it’s difficult not to. i don’t let them see it, though. (instead i vent on twitter!) however, since i started teaching yoga at my office (well, before my injury) i have noticed a surprising number of people coming to me and asking questions about diet and exercise.

    my long-winded point? i THINK that with most people, quietly being an example makes them consider their own choices. if they’re inspired to make a few little changes, how wonderful is that?

  3. I think you’re FABULOUS! And when people make off-comments like that, I wonder, sometimes, if there’s not a tinge of jealousy somewhere in there…. Keep up the GREAT work! You are an inspiration!

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