First Day, Third 12 Weeks

I kicked off the first day of my third twelve weeks at Doctors Wellness Center today.

Some of my overall goals for this 12 weeks include:

  • Losing weight (my personal goal is 20 lbs.)
  • Managing my time better
  • Trying new food
  • Advocating to others (on health/weight loss)

For the next week, my four goals are:

  1. To move and stretch every day, even try the elliptical again for five minutes (be sure to ice heel afterwards)
  2. Drink 60-80 oz. of water per day
  3. Find a new recipe to share
  4. Make a new green drink

I started the day off well with a 180.4 weigh-in. Less than a pound away from the 170s and less than two pounds from officially hitting the 50 lbs. lost milestone.

Also, I tried something new on the bike this a.m. Instead of riding “manual,” I did a 30-minute program, the weight loss program. It changes resistance as needed to keep the heartbeat at a certain level.  I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did. I was really sweaty, but made it through without hurting anything!

Finally, a very nice treat today. A friend who has been following my progress online brought me a bag full of clothes: pants, skirts and tops. She recently had a baby and has now lost the baby weight and had these clothes she wanted to share. Such a nice gesture, and the clothes are great.

I’m really excited about the next 12 weeks! Stay tuned…

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