confetti-celebration-sky-1This past weekend, I turned 50. The big five-oh. The ultimate F word. Vintage 1966, limited edition, genuine original parts. Five perfect 10s.

I’m still amazed to be around after that aneurysm rupture. So I’m going to celebrate all year long. I’ve even made a list of 50 ways I want to celebrate being 50. It’s not a “bucket list,” but more of a list of  “things I want to do” before I turn 51.

And they even have their own hashtag: #MPB50in50

  1. Return to 10k steps a day. (My new goal since rehab has been 5k, and I’ve hit it more and more lately. Will have to work back up to 10k, but it’s within reach.)
  2. Visit Edisto.
  3. Go to Chihuly Exhibit in Atlanta.
  4. Go to a college football game. Maybe an away game or even one I’ve never been to before. It’s been way too long since I’ve been to one.
  5. New invisible glasses so you can see my eyes again. (But keep my funky ones close.)
  6. Go horseback riding.
  7. Hold a snake.
  8. Paint my bedroom Tiffany blue.
  9. Camp out. (Or Glamp Out.)
  10. Give up social media one day a month.
  11. Make Gramma’s pickles.
  12. Do hanging abs at gym. Again. Loved them pre-aneurysm, but haven’t built my strength back up. (Yet.)
  13. Get a digital eye exam so I won’t have to always wonder about that “which is better, this click-click-click or this.”
  14. Visit someone someone I haven’t seen in a long time.
  15. Scatter Jessie the Cat’s ashes on Pickett Street. (I don’t want her to be sold during my estate sale or heaven forbid, tossed in the trash.)
  16. Volunteer for a non-environmental cause. Keep the Midlands Beautful used to be my volunteer work, but then I went to work for them. And each job after has been environmental. Thank God for environmental volunteers, but for me, it’s work.
  17. Learn to shag well enough so I can do it sober! (Wine. Helping me shag for 20-something years!)
  18. Plant a seed, watch it grow. (Doesn’t it just seem like this is part of a child’s poem?!)
  19. Take an art class.
  20. Take electric guitar lessons.
  21. Compile new hearts print.
  22. Get down to my (revised) goal weight.
  23. Started the year with sprinkles and decided that it will be my “Year of the Sprinkle!”
  24. Learn to knit and/or crochet; and become a yarn bomber (or at least hang out with them!)
  25. Do a Pinterest pin.
  26. Get a massage.
  27. Be a tourist in my town one weekend.
  28. Re-read The Stand, the whole thing.
  29. Replace the “orester” with a new chrome name plate or a funky F.
  30. Make a special 50 mug.
  31. Root Confederate rose cuttings and share.
  32. Get to know our neighbors.
  33. Create a fairy garden.
  34. Donate blood.
  35. Kayak on a local river.
  36. Win the “Table Topic” award at Toastmasters. (Impromptu speaking remains out of my grasp. I don’t speak in soundbites, and I need to work on my humor and bravado.)
  37. Go tubing.
  38. Take a hike.
  39. Visit Pretty Place.
  40. Dance @ Greek Festival.
  41. Celebrate the New Year.
  42. Up my shoe game to all cute, all comfortable. (If it hurts, it’s gone!)
  43. Use Wonder Woman stamps all year long. (They come out in early October, and I’ve already pre-ordered enough to last!)
  44. Learn a magic trick.
  45. Have coffee w/someone new once a month.
  46. Have coffee by myself once a month.
  47. Clean and organize the cargo area of my car.
  48. Go bird watching.
  49. Have lunch at The Dixie.
  50. Take more bubble baths.