Festive Food for Frightful Halloween!

How precious are these?

They’re Carrot-Orange-Quinoa Pepper Jacks, courtesy of the fab Spabettie! I made just one small change; I could’t find carrot-ginger juice and don’t have a juicer, so I used orange juice instead.

They are delish, cute and easy! I made a batch of ten so I could have some to eat, some to share.

A few hints with the orange peppers:

  • Test their “standability.” I bought one that wouldn’t stand up, so I just leveled the bottom with my knife.
  • Look for orange peppers with a large surface for carving.
  • Spabettie used a small paring knife to carve, but I used a (brand new, clean) X-acto knife.
  • No time to carve? No worries; they’re just as cute as a plain pumpkin. (That even allows you to use them at Thanksgiving, too!)
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  1. yes, I’ve probably had people look at me funny as I am selecting peppers at the market, and standing them up… 😉

    and YES, finding ones with a good amount of carving space is key!! it’s funny, these two look really close to mine, one with a wide face and one kinda skinny!

    so glad you liked them!

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