February Non-Scale Victories

  1. This
  2. Walked from downtown event to Vista blood drive instead of driving
  3. Wore a new Michael Kors belt, size medium, on the third hole
  4. Bought size tens, eights,  even one six at Dillard’s today
  5. In my first 36c sports bra
  6. Actually comfortably wore those size six slacks today!
  7. More a non-scale change than victory, I’ve noticed a pretty significant decrease in my bust line over the past two months.  Got into a B cup for the first time ever, but thankfully found C still fit best.
  8. The pair of Hue pajama bottoms I bought in a size medium are baggy. I really should’ve gotten a small.
  9. Because I like them so much, I DID order a small.
  10. Wearing a pair of workout pants that Beth gave me that until recently have been too tight to wear. Now they’re my favorite pair.
  11. Bought a size six dress today.
  12. Crossed my arms and could actually feel the change in my upper arms. Smaller and more toned.
  13. I can now pretty much buy a medium shirt w/o having to try it on to make sure it’s not too tight.
  14. One of our Solid Waste Superintendents asked me this, “Just how much smaller are you going to get? You’re already too small.”
  15. The big weight lifting belt I wore when pulling the sled this a.m. made my waist look extra small!
  16. Bought a new Kameleon ring. The size six was too big, but five too small. I ended up buying a thicker banded size six.
  17. I felt better than I have felt in years today.
  18. Bought a size five-and-a-half pair of shoes, and they were a perfect fit. Since losing weight, all of my size six-and-a-halfs  are too big, as are most of my size sixes, too.
  19. I rocked Traci’s “elliptical challenge.”
  20. Now that I’m rid of most of my really big clothes, I’m packing up some of the smaller ones that have gotten too big, including my twelves and even a size ten or two.
  21. I noticed today that I iron my smaller pants differently. Specifically, I can no longer slide the ironing board all the way through a leg opening.
  22. Got into a new pair of size 10 petite pants that Mom gave me months ago. They’ve been too tight since she gave them to me. (Unfortunately, ironing out the wrinkles is as hard as losing the weight to get in to them. Taking them to the cleaners this afternoon.)
  23. Fastened my silver belt one more hole over this morning!
  24. Officially joining the Doctors Wellness Center team – on a freelance basis, but still joining it! So excited!
  25. Finally going down a size in those funky junior tees that I like to workout in!
  26. Literally had a victory over the scales this a.m. Found myself wondering how “Two in Two” is going. I almost weighed, but decided 1) not seeing progress may discourage me, and 2) if I wait a few more days, I may see even more progress than I would today. So I didn’t weigh.
  27. Another someone I’ve known forever but not seen in a while didn’t recognize me
  28. My newish size eight pants are getting quite loose
  29. Wore a size six dress today
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