February: 28 Days of Kind

“I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers.” Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

January, 2015 was tough. Work was busy, and there were a couple of especially rough days. I was also in the middle of a personal challenge, and while the end result was good, it was a challenge getting there. It was also colder and wetter than usual, which only added to the already long and dreary month.

I’m thrilled to turn the calendar over to February and get a fresh start, and I’m especially excited about Greatist’s 28 Days of Kindness Challenge. You see, as kindnessrough as January was, a lot of people helped me through it. Some of them knew what I was going through and made a point to check in, but most were just good people who unknowingly boosted my spirits with their kindnesses: a compliment out of the blue, an encouraging quote on social media, a warm smile in the hallway. So when I saw information about the Kindness Challenge today, I knew I wanted to participate.

February_MC_1800x934_Feat (2)

Click this box for more details on the challenge!

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting about the challenge on my Lean Green MP Facebook page. I encourage you to share, too, whether you participate in the challenge or just share some kindnesses that you receive in February.

Happy February, friends!



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