Embracing Slow Change

Oh, Leo Babauta, thank you so much for today’s post, The Frustratingly Slow Pace of Making Changes.

If you’re like me, nothing ever happens quickly enough. After losing nearly 100 lbs., I’ve gained a bit back, and I am so frustrated by the time it’s taking me to get those 30 lbs. off. I’ll have a great two weeks, and then have a setback. I’ll get back on track, only for a hip strain to take me out of commission for a week. I berate myself daily, thinking that something must be wrong with me that I can’t just get it together and keep it there.

In today’s post, Leo offers the following advice on change:

  1. Give up on the results. Instead focus on the step in front of you.
  2. Give up on the fantasy. Instead be curious about what it’s really like when you try it.
  3. Don’t be motivated by achieving the ideal. Be motivated by compassion for yourself and helping others.
  4. Don’t be caught up in quick results. Savor the slow change.
  5. Forget about the happiness of the outcome. Instead find happiness in the learning.
  6. Don’t worry about perfect execution. The entire point is to learn about yourself.

I REALLY needed to hear this today, and if you, too, need some encouragement, please check out Leo’s post and other equally motivating ones at Leo’s blog, Zen Habits.

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