Eating Without Prejudice

I’m still working on that “try a new vegetable before Tuesday” goal. I did some research on the internet and walked a few produce aisles, but finally decided on something spur of the moment: chayote squash. I chose it 1) because it is cute – looks like a toothless old man, and 2) because I’ve never heard of it.

I am “prejudiced” against other vegetables that I haven’t tried, meaning I have preconceived notions about them. Like radishes. I’ve never tasted one, but already know I won’t like it. The texture, the smell. Yeah, I don’t like it.

But the chayote comes to the table fresh – never seen it, smelled it or tasted it. Now to find a recipe!

(Oh, and as a back up, I did by some fresh asparagus. I saw Traci at the gym this a.m. and she said that it would count, even though technically I have tasted it once.)

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