December Non-Scale Victories

  1. Set December 31 goal: Comfortably wear a pair of 10p jeans that I purposely purchased a tad snug.
  2. Wearing a petite small shirt.
  3. Did not get impatient or anxious when testing 200+ lights on Mom and Dad’s pre-lit Christmas tree, nor did I turn to food to calm me.
  4. Made and shared one of my healthy pizzas with the family
  5. Have returned to HealthMonth after a month long absence in November
  6. Trying to get those leafy greens up with green smoothies in the morning
  7. Can actually feel the strengthening of my obliques!
  8. When doing leg press, I was amazed not only by the noticeable changes in my legs, but also the fact that my knee pain that plagued me 85 lbs. ago is virtually non-existent.
  9. Overslept training, but made it up after work, despite every fiber in my being not wanting to do it.
  10. Progress. This evening, I found myself wanting to take a walk instead of “needing” to do it. Took Gizmo for a great 40 minute walk around Mom and Dad’s neighborhood.
  11. During the very sad and stressful time that we are losing Dad, I have been able to maintain my healthy eating and exercise. Have not reverted to bad old habits, such as eating lots of fast food.
  12. Able to cope with Dad’s death without blowing it food wise.
  13. Did training with Daniel despite really not wanting to do so.
  14. Didn’t overindulge during visitation.
  15. Had a few too many cookies, but didn’t let it derail me totally.
  16. After two days of not recording food and eating a little dirty, I got back on the wagon.
  17. Bought a dress at Last Call, size 8!
  18. Despite REALLY not wanting do, got my 30 minutes of cardio in at the gym; even kicked it up a notch on the elliptical.
  19. Biggest non-scale victory yet: at this a.m.’s doctor’s appointment, BP was 96/60!
  20. When discussing med dosages, nurse said, “You’re small, like me.”
  21. When someone hugged me today, she said that I was “skin and bones.” I know I’m not skin and bones, but 85 lbs. ago, NO ONE would’ve said or thought that!
  22. I tried on a size 8 jacket, and it fit. Later, my friend’s teenager said, “I’m surprised you’re a size eight. I thought you would be a smaller size.”
  23. Moved heaven and earth to finish shopping in time to train, and I made it!
  24. At dinner, someone I don’t actually know that well told me that I looked great
  25. Even though the gym was closed, I did body weight exercises.
  26. Walked my new rescue dog, Marley Moon Pie, for cardio.
  27. An older male friend of mine took me aside at a Christmas party and told me how impressed he was with me making such positive changes with my health.
  28. My small/medium sized tights are now getting too big!
  29. Starting to see some noticeable changes in the mirror
  30. Ate a slice of pizza (organic) with mushrooms and tomatoes. Not to mention a (very) small apple salad beforehand.
  31. The only thing I overate on New Year’s Eve? Raisins.



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