December Non-Scale Victories

  1. Packed a lunch to take to the Santa Market so I wouldn’t be tempted by the food there.
  2. Still able to get into a size 12p jeans. They’re snug, but I can still zip ’em up, which means not all is lost
  3. Shaking the “gotta run” OCD as I’m having orthopedic issues. May revisit causes after trip to NYC, but I want to have a pain-free week in the Big Apple.
  4. I may not be running, but I kicked up the elliptical workout quite a bit today, voluntarily.
  5. 10,000 shopping steps – gotta love the Christmas season!
  6. Seriously resisted buying some ice cream at Publix today!
  7. Made like Eleanor Roosevelt and did the think I thought I couldn’t do – my last training¬† before vacation! Slept late, so much to do + dog in bed, but I pushed through.
  8. Unable to overcome craving for chicken fingers, so split them with someone instead.
  9. Resisted stopping for Cookout milkshake.
  10. Saw someone who hadn’t seen me in a while commented on how good I looked. Made me feel better about some of the vacation/holiday weight I’ve gained. Have to remember the positive — I’m still much thinner and healthier than I have been in years, despite a small gain.
  11. Even though splurging in NYC, still trying to drink water instead of sweetened drinks.
  12. Bought some healthy snacks and breakfasts for the room in NYC.
  13. 10,000+ steps
  14. 10,000+ steps
  15. 10,000+ steps
  16. Really enjoyed a room service burger without getting too OCD over it.
  17. Got back to gym after NYC break.
  18. Instead of making food for office party, brought my Keurig and low calorie apple cider kCups.
  19. Seriously resisted Chick-Fil-A.
  20. Seriously resisted Chick-Fil-A again.
  21. 10,000+ shopping steps
  22. Walked to The Oak Table from Soda City instead of driving it.
  23. Threw out some very tempting cookie dough at Mom’s house.
  24. Made a clean Christmas Eve dinner instead of eating out.
  25. Seriously resisted stopping at Walgreen’s for a salty snack on the way home from Christmas dinner with friends.
  26. Stocked up on fruit for the office to resist residual holiday treats
  27. Made it back to the gym after missing a few days
  28. Completed a Lexington Medical Center blog post early – trying to work on reducing stress and being early for a deadline is a serious stress reduction!
  29. Had coffee with a friend – also trying to connect to others more (and in person, not on line)
  30. Started a time management book and doing daily exercises to coordinate time better
  31. Sure enough asserted myself with someone. As hard as it may be at times to speak against the status quo and/or in defense of myself, I’m finding that I do myself no favors by letting something fester.

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