December 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Made TWO new recipes with vegetables today: one with cauliflower, the other with green beans.
  2. Graduated to the black battle rope during this morning’s training.
  3. Did 15 pain-free minutes on the treadmill for the first time since my 5k hip injury in May.
  4. Increased my bench press reps today.
  5. Squeezed in an evening workout against all odds.
  6. Packed healthy food for my two-day environmental justice retreat.
  7. Despite a two and a half hour road trip and six hour afternoon workshop, I still got 12,000+ steps.
  8. Went to a Christmas party at a restaurant without many healthy choices, so I drank water and ate healthy at home.
  9. Buying for our adopted family, I shopped in the plus size section today for the first time in years. And you know what? I haven’t missed it at all!
  10. Cooked on a Tuesday night since I wasn’t able to do so over the weekend.
  11. Sister commented on how toned my calves looked. And all of Sister’s compliments are NSVs because they are very sincere.
  12. Won a Chili’s gift card at the employee luncheon, but nicely exchanged it, explaining that I didn’t eat out much now that I am eating healthier.
  13. Several people commented on how good I was looking. (The little bit I’ve gained back clouds my judgment.)
  14. Even though I didn’t use the right settings, technically made the AMT Challenge Board this a.m.
  15. Legitimately made the AMT Challenge Board!
  16. Completed both the AMT Challenge and strength training after 1) staying out late at a Christmas party, 2) drinking a couple glasses of wine; and 3) not sleeping well.
  17. Went the entire day without a piece of chocolate, which with all of it in our office these days, is a feat.
  18. Pushed myself on the ATM today.
  19. Bought an oh-so-small container of peppermint bark, but only had one piece. Shared the rest with the office.
  20. Sister commented that I had thin ankles See #11 for explanation of Sister compliments. They are worth at least three NSVs. (Smile.)
  21. I saw a picture of me in the swimming pool, and not only did I not totally cringe, the visible parts didn’t look like “fat girl” parts./
  22. Swam laps at the resort pool.
  23. I gave away some of my Christmas candy (which I received despite my requests for none) and “hid” the dark chocolate from plain sight.
  24. Cooked clean meals for the freezer while home dealing with washer repairs.
  25. Resisted the remaining white chocolate peppermint bark at work.

I am six NSVs short for December, and I’m lucky that’s all that I am short. I truly enjoyed the holidays. And that’s okay. But there were a few days without discernible NSVs. Here’s to 2014.

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