Dang Knee

After two weeks on the recumbent bike and modified training, my knee has been feeling so much better. Until today. The last few days, I’ve been pushing myself on the bike, increasing the intensity. And tonight, I had a little knee “slippage” at the Walgreens. It wasn’t a dislocation, but the knee cap felt loose.

My bad. I have to quit being so competitive with myself. I’m in this for the long haul, to make a lifestyle change. I don’t have to do it all once. Tomorrow is a day off the bike, and Monday, I’ll scale it back a bit.

Traci suggested that I would just have to go through some trial and error with increasing the intensity. If I increase the intensity for 10 minutes and my knee hurts, I will just have to cut back. So, I erred, and next week, will do some more trial.

In the meantime, they have me on modified training, avoiding any strain on the knee and working to strengthen it. I’m also doing strengthening exercises every night at home. And as I continue to lose weight, that should help, too.

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