Control+Alt+Del = A Clean Start

I haven’t been as faithful to the blog lately, mostly because I haven’t been as faithful to myself. Without getting into the reasons and/or excuses, I haven’t been nearly as focused on my healthy living goals in the last few months. I’ve been mad and disappointed in myself. I’ve gained some weight, and I’ve been feeling bad about myself.

Have I totally undone the progress I made? Not by a long shot. I’ve been a little laxer on working out, but despite missing a few days here or a week there around some injuries, I still strength train twice a week and get three to five sessions of cardio in. I’ve allowed myself a few more treats, especially ice cream, but otherwise, I’m still eating clean. No processed and/or fast food, just too much healthy food. Those size eight skirts don’t fit right now, but I’m still five sizes below where I started, and I’m still in the petite section. Still, I have been feeling pretty darn bad about myself.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how losing the weight was so much easier than maintaining it. During my time in the Doctors Wellness Center 12-week program, I really faced some challenges. Dad was ill and passed away. My beloved dog, Winston, had to be put down suddenly. I lost my cat, Duchess, to cancer. I traveled a lot for work. Yet I was still able to do quite well making some significant lifestyle changes.

I’m sure part of it has been transitioning from seeing Traci each week and having a thirty minute accountability session with her. There were weeks we didn’t talk about food at all, but about an issue I may be having at work or at home. She helped me think out possible solutions and challenged me to implement them vs. drowning my troubles in food. She was a weekly touchstone for me that I don’t have now. It’s probably totally normal to experience some changes as I learn to face my new lifestyle “on my own.”

Another part has probably been finding my bearings as a healthier, thinner person. Until recently, I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose more weight, and perhaps allowed myself more leeway when it came to portion size and treats. The past year has brought a few extra lbs., but it has also brought me knowledge of what I can and cannot handle in terms of staying healthy and at a desired weight.

I talked to Paul, who runs Doctors Wellness Center, and he suggested that a small weight gain after leaving the program is normal and not something to feel bad about. He says that my weight may’ve gone up, but that soon things will come back into balance and the weight will come back down.

Long story short, things started falling back into place the first week in July. I realized that the year was halfway through, and it was time to quit the pity party and move forward. I know what to do, and I have the tools and the support system. CAD

Last week, I returned to journaling my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal. Every day wasn’t perfect, but I recorded everything, even the excesses. I also got my fitness mojo back, completing two strength training sessions and did cardio more days than I didn’t. I also started wearing my FitBit again, and it has motivated me to increase my steps. Finally, I packed up my size eight clothes that have been taunting me from the closet and pulled out ones that fit a bit better. (That alone has been a huge boost.)

This week, my goals are to continue recording every day, increase my cardio a little more, do at least one vegan day and work on keeping my portion sizes what they should be.

My overall goal is to do my best one day at a time, but I also hope that I can get down 25 lbs. between now and the end of the year. That won’t quite put me at my all-time low, but it will put me in a good, happy place.

So, how have YOU successfully dealt with a setback, health-wise or otherwise? Any special tricks or tips to help get you through the rough spots? What has helped you get your “mojo” back?



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