Comeback Week Three

Finally, here is last week’s food journal: Jan 21-27.

The good news is that I am down 6 lbs. from my post-holiday high, recorded the first week in January.

What I still need to work on:

  1. Weekends. I get off regular schedule, which hurts me with workouts and water consumption more than food.
  2. Weekday Workouts. If I get my cardio and/or training early in the morning, I’m generally set for the day. I generally get all of my water in before 8 a.m. on those days, and I also have a little more flexibility. (I missed Friday last weLG_Veggiesek!)
  3. Veggies: I didn’t have the two veggies every day last week. I did do a green smoothie most mornings, but didn’t get that second one in.
  4. Animal products: Although it is more a personal preference, with the addition of Greek yogurt, I’m getting more animal proteins than I did on my best days with Traci. In addition to one Meatless Monday a week, I want to add an animal-free” day this week, too.

I am finally starting to get back into a better routine, and I feel so much better. It’s funny, but when I do better with my exercise and eating, everything seems to improve: work, attitude, productivity, etc. That is a good thing! On to week four!


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