Comeback Update: Month One

I “weighed in” today, and I’m down a little over four lbs. in one month. That seems slow, but is actually the best way to lose.

Here’s my food journal from the past week: jan 28_feb 3. It was a crazy week: a lot of meetings, a stressful deadline and some overall unpleasantness. It made for a rough week. I didn’t take the time to plan as well as usual, and I gave in to some temptations I wouldn’t have otherwise. Needless to say, I didn’t get that vegan day in, either.

On the flip side, I slipped a little, but didn’t lose control totally. Although I overindulged, I did still write everything down. And I did make some good decisions. I also feel like I’m finally back on my game working out.

One neat change is that I started working at Doctors Wellness Center for about six hours a week. They needed some help at the front desk a couple evenings, so I jumped in. It’s neat for a lot of reasons. I’m around others who are doing the same thing as I am doing. I get to see Traci in between appointments. It encourages me to work out a little more. And I’m busy, aka not sitting around and/or nibbling. There have been some challenges in going straight from work, but can be managed with some planning. I’m really enjoying it…

The past month has been a mixed bag, but more good than bad. I’m hoping to be down at least another four lbs. by this time next month, hopefully a little more.

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