Closing the Bag on Potato Chip News

I’ve always been a news hound, but after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it took a turn for the worse. I was watching CNN 24/7, and sadly, the habit stuck. If I’m alone i the house, I’ll almost always have CNN on, if only for background noise.

Before my aneurysm, I’d started turning the TV off in the morning. I’d find myself watching the news instead of getting ready, and turning it off was the easiest way to save a few minutes in the morning.nasty+chips+from+timesreuniondotcom+blog

After the aneurysm, when we moved into the apartment, I watched little TV. There was no TV in the bedroom, and the TV room wasn’t very comfortable. So for over a month, I had the TV off more often than not.

This morning, I saw this article about “potato chip” news on  Positively Positive, and it hit a chord. Now that I’ve stated cutting back on potato chips news, I’d like to continue to do so. Why? I’ve been given a second chance with my life. And watching the news all of the time isn’t necessarily the best use of this second chance. Specifically,

  1. It makes me late in the morning.
  2. It distracts me from other more important things.
  3. I get caught up in trivial things that don’t really matter.


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