Cleared for Take Off

PIC_Cleared for Take Off

The last week in December, I got a little too ambitious on the treadmill. I upped the ante on the incline, all that way to a whopping one.  (Though I have to admit, even before the rupture, I didn’t walk on an incline. It hurt my knee.) The next day, my knee was swollen and felt “loose,” like it might dislocate. (I had many patellar dislocations in my younger years, the last one in 2004 when I was putting on tights. Really.)

Because I have that anniversary 5k to walk on March 18, I immediately called Palmetto Health-USC Orthopedic, who has a “quick clinic” by Providence Hospital NE. I went there because I go to their Wellness Center on Forest Drive, and the Wellness Director, Paul Lomas, was integral in my nearly 100 lb. weight loss about five years ago.

I saw a PA, who said my ACL was a bit lax. He also recommended that I get an MRI and fitted me for a knee brace. After the MRI, they made me an appointment with Dr. Mickey Plymale for Friday the 13th. (And I was just crazy enough to take it. What could go wrong with a knee appointment on Friday the 13th, right?!)

I had a GREAT experience today. The nicest young man called me back and got all of the details on my knee, history and fitness goals. He then briefed Dr. Plymale, who came in shortly after. He first congratulated me on the weight loss and having survived the aneurysm, then moved into the MRI results. A little wear and tear, he said, and osteoarthritis, but no tears or structural damage. (Whew!) If you can believe this, I was there at 8:20 and out by 9:15. (Sadly, I forgot my knee brace and was 15 minutes down the interstate before they called to tell me. I had to do a little backtracking.)

OsteoarthritickneeHe gave me a cortisone shot and said that I needed to get fitted for a pair of athletic shoes at Fleet Feet. He then released me to continue working with Jarrett at the gym. He also said I could still walk the 5k, but he really wanted me to get fitted before I did much more training. You heard it right; I need new shoes, doctor’s orders, and who am I to ignore the doctor?! (But my new ASICS are so colorful! Sister may be in for a new pair of shoes!)

I’m so thankful that I’m going to be able to walk the 5k. Don’t forget, I’m hoping to have a team of folks join me. It’s Saturday, March 18 (the two year anniversary of my aneurysm rupture) and I’m recruiting team members. We can meet up GTTGbefore the race and perhaps toast ourselves with a beer afterwards. I’d love to have some company for the walk, but if you’re a runner, I don’t expect you to slow down for me. Registration for Get to the Green is only $30, and you save $5 if you register on a team. You’ll also get a t-shirt, medal/bottle opener and free admission into the festival. The team name is BAMFs for #MPBStrong.