Blog Redesign: Feedback Needed

Yep, the blog has a new look. Cleaner, crisper and more reflective of who I am and what I’m doing.

I created the theme using Artisteer, a great web design software. I’m a PR girl, but I’m better with words than design. Artisteer makes it easy; I recommend it highly.

Like me, the blog is a work in progress! Last night, I designed the new theme. This evening, I will be making some other changes, mostly in the sidebar. So stay tuned. And please give me your feedback. I want to make the blog easier for you to read, follow and interact on, so your input is invaluable.

Off to start the day with a later than usual workout! We have a fun day planned with a visit to Mad Platter and Mast General Store, followed by a few errands. Have a great Saturday!

  1. Loooooooooooove Mast!! Was just there again Friday! Faves = bulk candy section, cokes in glass bottles (RECYCLE!), jewelry, and kitchen goods!

    • I liked the kitchen stuff, too, now that I am cooking! I bought a cute dress and some kitchen goodies. We’re so excited not to have to road trip to Greenville for Mast now. And it’s great seeing Main Street busy again!!

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