Del Monte Fruit Snacks NOT User Friendly

Consider me one unhappy consumer!

Sister purchased Del Monte’s No Sugar Added Diced Pears, and I grabbed one from the pantry for my work lunch today.

As I sat at my desk and very carefully – or so I thought – opened the container, the “juice” squirted out with such force that it not only drenched my blouse, but went down my shirt and into my bra. I spent the rest of the day a sticky, wet, soiled  mess.

The fruit was delightful, but I will never purchase, nor pack in my lunch again.

Certainly I’m not the only one who has experienced this…I can’t imagine what DelMonte was thinking when they used this type of packaging.

What’s even worse? On their website, they suggest these and similarly packaged fruits as good options for kids. If a 45-year-old couldn’t open them without a fiasco, I can’t imagine a child opening these by themselves at lunch.

DelMonte bills these fruit snacks as “the ready-to-eat, go-anywhere fruit cup snack.” Right, if you have a bib and Shout wipes, or better yet, a change of clothes.


  1. I just enjoyed 2 peaches and apple.
    Thanks for this tip….I’ll stay away from these and stick to the “fresh” kind!

  2. And in a great moment of kismet, I received wonderful, fresh pears in the co-op bag the very day I made such a mess of the packaged pears! As always, mother nature’s packaging is always best!

  3. I have also run into this packaging problem. Love the idea of fruit cups with very light syrup. Such a great snack on the go. That cute little cup fits perfectly in stroller cup holders. But I get squirted every time!

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