August, 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Tried a new recipe.
  2. Returned to work.
  3. Kicked a door closed with my foot (Improved balance.)
  4. Tried a black bean burger at Smash Burger.
  5. Grey workout pants getting too baggy to wear.
  6. Remembered the work bathroom pass code after four months away.
  7. Finally started a password book.
  8. First day in a week without a meclizine for vertigo.
  9. Jared stepped up training a bit, added obliques back to the mix.
  10. Hitting my protein goals more often now.
  11. Except for my voice, feeling better than I have since the aneurysm, almost like nothing happened.
  12. Skipped the gym for a rest night and didn’t even feel guilty about it.
  13. Finally starting to see some progress in my workouts. We’ve now added the AMT back very slowly; 30 seconds at a time compared to 55 minute pre-aneursym.
  14. Had a packet of bacon bits in my hand at Kroger for our baked potatoes, but put it back.
  15. Can now walk to the bathroom without having to turn/leave on a light.
  16. Now able to put on my eyeliner easier. Before my hands were still a little unsteady and the pencil would always slip and make a mess.
  17. Kristin at The Nick gifted me with “happy healing” gift of several t-shirts, two of which are mediums. They looked small, so I didn’t think they would fit, but they fit perfectly.
  18. Swallowed my pride and reconnected with an old friend. Felt really good.
  19. My Levi’s, which were too small five months ago, are now getting really loose.
  20. Survived another tube going down my nose.
  21. Bought and wearing a L women’s Life is Good fitted tee.
  22. Took an afternoon nap.
  23. Started journaling again.
  24. Retired a pair of 1X Moving Comfort workout capris today. I’ve always bought spandex workout wear a little larger for comfort and modesty, but they had gotten ridiculously baggy.
  25. Bought several pair of petite pants today without trying them on, and they all fit okay.
  26. Sweated in today’s workout for the first time since I’ve been back at the gym since the workout.
  27. Hit a new post-aneurysm high on the SCIFIT: 50 minutes.
  28. Splurged for dinner, but didn’t get a caffeinated drink.
  29. Had pretzels instead of chips for a salty snack.
  30. Took a rest day from the gym as not to “overdo” during my recurrence of c diff.
  31. Today I was asked about speaking to an aneurysm survivor support group as an example of how things can work out.



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