August 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Pushed myself to get to the gym for training after a full conference week in Greenville.
  2. Did my cardio in the park again today; it’s starting to be a regular thing.
  3. Voluntarily did two sets of walking lunges.
  4. Pushed myself to do an evening workout that I did. not. want. to do.
  5. Tried a new meatless recipe.
  6. Had to push it to get to the gym, but prioritized and got there in time for a 30+ minute workout
  7. Moved the settings up on the AMT voluntarily
  8. 10,000 steps
  9. Indulged a little, but didn’t overindulge. Slowly learning that I can enjoy a small treat without having the “already blown it so I’ll have some more” mentality.
  10. Left a meeting early so I could get my 30 minutes in before the gym closed.
  11. 30 minutes on the AMT for the first time in a while. Orthotics have helped ball of foot issues.
  12. Did my obliques on a smaller ball tonight.
  13. Pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do on the treadmill by adding a five-minute 4 mph segment. Yes, for a short-legged woman, 4 mph is tough.
  14. Left a meeting early so I could get my 30 minutes in before the gym closed.
  15. Friday evening training, done. Never easy, and hoping to get back to T/Th next week.
  16. Took deliberate steps to reduce anxiety and stress, which was making it hard for me to eat right. re-employed an old school paper planner, which helped immensely.
  17. Did a 30 minute cardio workout that I neither had the energy or desire to do. But I did it.
  18. Voluntarily moved the AMT resistance to 10, the highest I’ve done yet.
  19. Took my own lunch to a meeting and for one of the first times didn’t feel awkward, but instead smart. I wondered if anyone really knew how many calories and chemicals that box contained.
  20. For the first time ever, did step ups during training. Four years ago, I physically couldn’t have done that, and today, I worked through a mental block that said “you can’t do that – you’re a fat girl with a bad knee.” It’s about time that my mental self started to catch up with my strong, healthy physical self.
  21. Worked in meal planning and cooking during a busy weekend so I would have good choices during an also week
  22. Exercised both weekend days since I took two weekday rest days. Dislike exercising over the weekend, but it had to be done.
  23. Played outside with the kids instead of sitting inside the a/c building with the grownups
  24. By planning ahead and looking at the menu online, was able to make a decent choice at a restaurant that I never would have chosen when dining with relatives.
  25. 10,000 steps.
  26. Seriously resisted buying a bag of Halloween candy “for work.”
  27. Did not want to train tonight, but did it anyway.
  28. Increased pull down weight by 10 lbs.
  29. Walked around my office instead of sitting during a long conference call
  30. Twice this week, made 30 minutes on the AMT without my feet hurting!
  31. Did the prowler for the first time!

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