August 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Killed it on the AMT this evening.
  2. Did strength training on an annual leave day. An annual leave day I was taking to go to the beach.
  3. 12,000+ step day
  4. Stopping at the Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart on a tax-free day to get light soy milk and other healthy options for the APWA Conference
  5. Wen you’re thrilled to find a seafood restaurant with a peel and eat shrimp option amongst the 100s of other fried options…
  6. …and actually ordering it…
  7. and really enjoying it better than the fried stuff everyone else ordered.
  8. Bringing your own honey to sweeten your coffee at a conference breakfast.
  9. Resisted lure of Sesame Chicken, instead had Garlic Green Beans.
  10. When no suitable sweetener was offered at coffee break, I had coffee with no sweetener. (Gasp!)
  11. Refusing a small glass bottled Coca Cola when you are deathly nauseous, especially when you were brought up believing that really was the only thing to cure an upset stomach.
  12. Getting an evening beach walk in to boost daily steps even though my feet hurt and I was exhausted.
  13. Starting using my old school Fit Bit again so I could measure steps and track sleep.
  14. Shopped for healthy smoothie ingredients the day before endodontic surgery
  15. Knowing that sometimes, only every once in a while, it’s okay to have Easy Mac and frozen mashed potatoes. (like after endodontic surgery).
  16. Bought an XL t-shirt and it was  too big
  17. For the first time in a while, bought something new and healthy to try: kefir.
  18. Tried a delish new smoothie recipe.
  19. That moment when you realize that you’d really rather just have water. And that’s what you get!
  20. Did my first post-endodontic surgery cardio this evening, 15 minutes on the AMT. It made my surgical site throb, so I cut it short, but I did it.
  21. After yesterday’s AMT workout made my mouth stitches hurt enough to take a pain pill, I did 30 minutes on  the bike tonight. And I forgot that you can indeed break out a sweat on the bike!
  22. Third evening cardio this week.
  23. The regular Sprite that Mom bought when I was sick? Going to someone who actually drinks them at the office. Never opened one.
  24. Survived vacation and the dental debacle with no extra lbs.
  25. Trying a new workout schedule that will allow me to both fit in my training and cardio while also giving me a little more time to get stuff done. (Fingers crossed!)
  26. Cooked like a fool; freezer full of individual meals
  27.  Used artificial as a “treat” in my a.m. coffee and realized that, meh, not so much a treat. Didn’t even drink all of it.
  28. First really good cardio since my medical break + first “official” Tuesday after work cardio
  29. Made a new smoothie today. LOVE freezing them to eat as a sweet, cold treat later. Keeping me away from the ice cream.
  30. Survived my first full week back at the gym after my medical leave, as well as the first week of my new workout schedule.
  31. Took a fruit salad to a cookout, which offered me a great alternative to the other side of hash brown casserole

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