August 2012 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Welcomed August with an hour on the elliptical this a.m. Third day in a row of 60 minutes or more exercise.
  2. I actually now prefer the light plain soy milk over the light vanilla.
  3. When doing leg presses this a.m., I noticed my quad muscles for the first time! Don’t know how long the have been there since I usually wear “knee pants” and can’t see them, but they were awesome! When I called my trainer, Daniel, over to see them, he said that he had seen them from across the room.
  4. 20,000 + step day
  5. Without really evening trying, I had six days without meat and dairy.
  6. When I get a special “clean” meal at a conference – often a huge fruit plate – and instead of thinking that I’m weird, other attendees are jealous and wondered how I got it
  7. This
  8. Someone at my regular Starbucks said that I needed to come over and re-introduce myself because they often still don’t recognize me when I come in.
  9. This a.m., I used heavier weights for my lat pull downs than the much younger and much thinner girl who did them before me.
  10. Skipping Sunset Boulevard at the Nick to work out (and to keep Beth and Mom from having to skip training)
  11. Continue to love the looks/comments I get when I say, “I’m gonna take the stairs.” One comment today: “To the sixth floor?”
  12. Saw someone at Books-A-Million who I haven’t seen in a couple of years, and even though we chatted, I still don’t think he had any idea who I was
  13. Did 45 minutes on the elliptical w/o having to take a “break” by going backwards for five minutes
  14. Today, I pulled the amount of weight I’ve lost, maybe even a little more, on the sled
  15. 10,000 steps by lunch, and the rest is gravy!
  16. Bought a darling knit dress in a size medium. Didn’t think it would fit, but it did, AND looked cute!
  17. For the first time ever, pulled the sled during both weekly training sessions
  18. Mid leg press, my legs look so strong. Outside of the gym, they’re looking a lot better, too.
  19. One of the solid waste guys told me that he didn’t want to say too much because he was afraid that it would come across as sexual harassment but that I was really looking good. Very sweet and sincere.
  20. Someone asked me how much the sodas in the break area cost, and I didn’t know because I hadn’t bought one in almost two years
  21. Another “10,000 Steps by Noon” day!
  22. Although my weight is up a little, someone asked me today if I’d lost more weight. That’s a result of the training, and Traci told me that would happen.
  23. I saw a Crystal Light packet today and almost gagged. Two years ago, that was the only was I could get my water in. Now, I rarely use it.
  24. This epiphany
  25.  Not all of my workouts are great ones, but even the worst of the week is better than best when I started
  26. Bought two medium knit dresses
  27. Woke up late twice this week, but resisted temptation to stay in bed and “train tomorrow.” Just cut back on amount of warm up cardio.
  28. Voluntarily increasing levels on the elliptical
  29.  Did lunges quite painlessly, something that killed my knees not too many months ago
  30. I was still only half awake, but trainer Danny said something this morning about my performance being like that of an athlete. (I scoffed and suggested perhaps just more athletic than I have been. Two words that I can’t put together? Me + Athletic.)
  31. Today asked to appear with some other DWC/City  “success stories” at next week’s health clinic opening



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