April Non-Scale Victories

  1. No longer have to worry that airplane seat belt might not fit
  2. Felt a little awkward bring my lunch to a workshop until someone said, “Hey, where did you get the strawberries?”
  3. And as I ate my pretty salad, she then said “I really ate too much. Some of everything, really just because it was there.” But that wasn’t the case for me.
  4. I no longer enter a room of strangers thinking about being “the biggest person in the room”
  5. Wore a size small dress today
  6. My current round of workout t-shirts are starting to get loose
  7. My best bras are starting to get too big
  8. A college kid told me that I “had it going on”
  9. Mrs. Montgomery didn’t recognize me today; she said I looked like a totally different person.
  10. I can eat Dewey’s Pink Lemonade Cake and bounce back the next day!
  11. If I ignore the walk/don’t walk signals, it’s a lot easier to dash across if need be.
  12. I can finally now enjoy a glass of light vanilla soy milk. Before, I could use it IN something, but not on it’s own…
  13. Ordered a Chick-Fil-A kids meal with grilled chicken and fruit, but when I opened the bag – halfway back to work – I had fries instead of fruit. So I just tossed them when I got back to work and had a banana with my grilled chicken instead.
  14. Wore a non-underwire bra for the first time in a realllllly long time
  15. Someone I hadn’t seen in a while told me that I helped inspire them to eat healthier and lose weight
  16. Someone at work asked me if I had lost more weight
  17. Went to a Food and Wine Festival, but ate before I went. Did enjoy a small glass of wine and a mini dessert, but otherwise, kept things in check
  18. Did 60 minutes on the elliptical, a personal best
  19. Sister found and texted me one of my “fat” pictures and was very complimentary of my loss. She later said that she thought I’d been distorting these “before” pictures because she doesn’t remember me being so large, but that now she could see that I really was. (It doesn’t sound like it, LOL, but it was a huge compliment.)
  20. Finally fit into a pair of 10p pants that Mom gave me months ago. They were on sale big time, and even though they were too tight, I decided to keep them. It’s taken a while to get onto them, so it was great to finally wear them.
  21. Someone who very rarely gives compliments gave me one about how well I was doing. THAT was a big deal.
  22. Caught a glance of myself in the big mirrors at the gym and was actually happy with the way my body looked (minus the 5 a.m. bed head, of course)
  23. My size 10 P black pants are officially too big. Donate to Goodwill too big.  Don’t wear again too big.
  24. When I walked in this a.m., our maintenance man, Isaac, gave me a supreme compliment,”You are looking great. You should be a model.” I really needed a word of encouragement today, and I so appreciated his!
  25. My once very flat (and still elusive) booty made an appearance in my black and white dress today. Shout out to Daniel for making me do all. of. those. squats. They’re starting to show dividends!
  26. Been making Earth Day presentations to one school for 10 years, but this time was the first time one of the first grade boys said that I was cute. Very sweet — made my day.
  27. Tried on two size 10 suits and both were too big
  28. Someone who sees me often asked if I was losing more weight. (I haven’t; just toning up, I suppose)
  29. Reviewed a video clip of a TV appearance I did for the Lawnmower Exchange and the first thing I noticed? That my forearms looked different — toned, even. First time I’ve noticed a change there.
  30. In my last clothing donation stack, there were even a few 10s in there.

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