April, 2016 Non-Scale Victories

  1.  Pre-planned choice for dinner out to be prepared and make the best decision
  2. Went to two parties where I knew very few people. Enjoyed the evening immensely.
  3. Had an excellent healthy lunch at Palmetto Richland, then went upstairs to see Tricia and Yosi
  4. Carpooled with Jamelle to Atlanta for the SSDN
  5. Walked 10,000 steps for only the second time since March 2015
  6. Tried a portobello mushroom. Not horrible.
  7. At someone’s prompting, re-tried oranges and fell in love with them!
  8. Took Mom to Boeshreen for Beth’s birthday.
  9. Took the plunge and went a little shorter with my hair. It looks SO. MUCH. BETTER.
  10. Up to five minutes on the treadmill at the gym with no stridor. New milestone.
  11. Did Palmetto Health video shoot.
  12. Blessed to see John Singerling from Palmetto Health at the baseball game, who was excited about my video.
  13. Went to a new doctor by myself for the first time in forever. Not that I have ever minded, but Mom and Beth aren’t feeling the need to go with me now. That means things are getting back to where they were before.
  14. Someone who hadn’t seen me in a few years was at work today and said that I looked younger.
  15. I made a couple new friends from the Palmetto Health video production team.
  16. I’ve had several new personal bests on Lumosity lately.
  17. Learning to pick my battles better.
  18. Something that would’ve really upset me a while back happened, and it didn’t even bother me. I didn’t even realize it until later in the day.
  19. Carpooled to the Duran Duran concert with a new friend and an old friend who I don’t really know that well. I overcame the quiet voice and spoke up when I could, but didn’t feel the need to speak all of the time and didn’t feel bad about it.
  20. Made it back to the gym after a week out (with dizziness issues and a busy schedule.)
  21. Seven minutes on the treadmill without stridor.
  22. First decent on camera interview since coming back from the aneurysm (First one with City PIO about the conference was a bust. I thought I’d lost my ability to be a spokesperson.)
  23. First time making my bed all alone since returning home. (Not the first time changing it, though. Sister has been generous with her assistance!)
  24. Didn’t have to use the help bar in the shower this morning.
  25. Finally used Valentines Day 2014 gift card for pedicure today.
  26. Did one of my first presentations since coming back to work. Recycling presentation to second graders. Had a mic, but otherwise did okay with my voice.
  27. Made a special trip to the grocery store to buy apples. (Not ice cream, apples!)
  28. Had one of my best strength training sessions since being at Palmetto Health Wellness. (Thanks, Jarrett!) Did a total of nine minutes at 2.2 mph, broken up into bite-sized pieces of three minutes each to prevent stridor.
  29. Found a great article about clutter and how it can sabotage weight loss. Motivated Beth and I on many levels.
  30. In one of the hugest surprises ever, received the title to my car in today’s mail. My car is paid off, and Beth reminded me that it was about this time last year when Dr. Vox suggested to she and Mom  that they sell my car because he didn’t think I would be able to drive again.