April 2014 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Went as a last minute guest to a lunch workshop, where they were serving quesidillas. I tried to figure out the least I could eat not to wipe out the day, then I realized that I was in control of what I ate. I asked one of the servers if I could get a fruit plate, and they gladly brought me one.
  2. Someone at the gym asked me how much weight I’d lost, that it looked like I’d slimmed down in the last couple of months.
  3. The range of motion in my stretching has really increased.
  4. Hooked my bra on the last hooks this morning.
  5. Tucked my shirt into my pants for the first time in over a year.
  6. During a conference, drove to the beach each morning for sunrise. When I asked people if they wanted to join me, most said they just couldn’t get up that early. Four years ago, sunrise was extremely early for me. Now? It’s sleeping in!
  7. Several people who last saw me a month ago pulled me aside to tell me that it looked like I’d lost weight and that I was looking good.
  8. Went to bed late last night, didn’t sleep well AND woke up with a sour stomach from last night’s dinner, but still got up and made it to training at 5 a.m.
  9. In a Benadryl haze, pulled out a pair of black pants from the closet. I soon realized they were a pair that had gotten too tight to wear, but that they now fit well enough to wear. So I wore them.
  10. Could tell I had lost weight when I looked in the mirror this morning.
  11. Ordered a dehydrator.
  12. Threw away a partial box of free Amy’s organic candy bars because they were too hard not to eat. Some treats I can eat in moderation, others I can’t. These I couldn’t, so I remembered this and tossed them.
  13. Made kale chips in my new dehydrator today.
  14. Ate kale chips from my new dehydrator today.
  15. Didn’t sleep well, but got up for training anyway.
  16. Did three sets of walking lunges and was surprised how my balance had improved.
  17. Made some Fitbit Flex “charms” to use my Fitbit to motivate me even more and to make it a little more fashionable
  18. Graduated to the black battle ropes
  19. Downloaded a “coaching app” to help me with clean eating and my other goals
  20. Someone gave me a candy goodie bag, and I discreetly “regifted” it to someone at the kid’s table
  21. Tried a new and better kale chips recipe.
  22. On my day off from work, chose not to engage in the drama that someone tried to involve me in. I am working on controlling my stress levels and learning what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t.
  23. ASKED to do lunges at the end of today’s lower body workout.
  24. Last week, “treated” myself to a cheeseburger and fries at Longhorn. Didn’t even eat half of the fries; they just weren’t as good as I remember. And while the burger was okay, it made me sick the rest of the night. Sometimes it takes a “treat” to remind me that I really don’t enjoy that kind of food anymore. And that really never fails to amaze me.
  25. Danced (well, kinda) in public last night.
  26. Stayed out and up much later than usual, but still got up and worked out.
  27. Someone at work told me that I looked like I was losing weight.
  28. Worked in the garden this weekend. While not as strenuous at the AMT, it was good exercise PLUS a healthy way to unwind and decompress.
  29. Stayed out late, but still got up for training!
  30. Today I was asked to be “talent” in a public service announcement for drinking tap water. I’m being cast as a runner. Three years ago, no one would have ever considered me for that role.

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