April 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. This
  2. Walked right by the half-price Easter candy table at Publix
  3. Registered for the In the Pink May 11 5k and found a “Six Weeks to 5k” training schedule that I start tomorrow
  4. One of the recycling drivers said to me this a.m.,”You better come in from that wind. You’ve lost so much weight your skinny butt will get blown away.” LOL! Those guys are always such fun encouragers!
  5. Started a “six weeks to 5k” training. Today was “run three minutes/walk two minutes” for six intervals. I really didn’t think I could do it and almost stepped down to the walk/run option. But I tried, and I did it! A total of 18 minutes of running.
  6. Someone who works in my building that I don’t know told me that I was doing a great job with the weight loss.
  7. Did a second and later third “run three minutes/walk two minutes for six intervals” on the treadmill.
  8. Planned my day’s eating around the fact we were having birthday cake for Beth; I was able to enjoy a piece without blowing my day or unleashing a binge.
  9. Had a close to perfect eating day: ate veggies twice, stayed within calorie range, met but didn’t exceed carbs and other nutrients.
  10. My silver Michael Kors belt fits again.
  11. I stood up for my healthy eating. An upstate colleague was in town for a workshop and asked me to dinner. I agreed and chose M Vista. He looked at the menu online and said he couldn’t eat there; he said he would prefer Carolina Wings and Ale. I decided that I was not going to either tempt myself to eat something I normally wouldn’t nor deprive myself because I couldn’t find a good option. I just told him that we could do it next time. I went home and had a healthy dinner instead.
  12. My “sisters” ring is practically too big to wear anymore. Sad because I love it, but it’s a great sign that I’m losing weight again.
  13. Fourth run-walk in the books, and I’m still standing.
  14. Caught a glimpse my booty in a three-way mirror; starting to see some positive changes there, finally.
  15. Did an AMT workout on a day I’d decided to nap in. Thanks, Sister, for the encouragement!
  16. Found out the hard way that shins do indeed sweat.
  17. I can now take off my jeans without unbuttoning and/or unzipping them.
  18. I noticed today that my face looks thinner.
  19. Seeing new muscle definition in my calves.
  20. Added one more repetition to my run-walk sequence.
  21. Noticed new muscle definition in my arms. My forearms, of all places.
  22. My favorite PJ pants are getting too big. “Come off while I’m sleeping” too big.
  23. Was all ready to have a “cheat lunch,” but happily settled for Taco Soup and sliced strawberries.
  24. Actually requested to do my squats on the BOSO ball
  25. Someone at work told me that my thighs were getting small
  26. I am thisclose to being able to wear my 12p jeans in public again
  27. This
  28.  Got 14,000+ steps
  29. Got right back on the horse – trained and did cardio even though I was a little apprehensive because of my hip. Did fine.
  30. Treated myself to some ice cream tonight, but couldn’t eat it all. May be the first time EVER I left ice cream in the dish.


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